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        Twin Lakes Nursery specializes in a large variety of specimen, container grown trees.  Sizes range from 45-gallon Accelerator plastic containers up to 120-inch wooden boxes.  The plastic Accelerator pots have vertical corrugations in the container wall to guide the root tips to air-pruning slots. This results in a denser, more uniform root mass with no root circling. While plastic containers are used for the smaller varieties, wooden boxes are utilized for many of the larger trees.  Compared to traditional smooth walled plastic containers, wooden boxes have better temperature control of the root zone and can be nearly 40 degrees cooler than a plastic container.  Wooden boxes are natural and improve rooting. They are simple to handle, plant and transport, therefore make the planting process easier for the customer.


        Another key component of the Twin Lakes Nursery product is the planting mix used for the trees. 

Our mix allows the customer to have better moisture retention than the traditional porous bark mulch mix.  Less staking is required on job sites due to greater stability provided.  It is also very compatible when planting in most soils compared to other bark mulch mixes. 


        Our growing methods produce uniformity and excellent quality for our customers.

Crape Myrtles

In the summer months Crape Myrtles bloom beautiful flowers.  Flowers range in color from deep red, pink, lavender, and white.  The bark of the tree sheds leaving a shiny and smooth trunk.



Cypress taper at the base and grow straight up.  They can grow as tall as 80'.  Cypress have short needles for leaves and beautiful fall colors.


Elm trees are very hardy and drought tolerant.  The branches grow upright and the leaves stagger on the branch.

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Hollies are beautiful evergreen trees that make a wonderful screen or hedge.  You can also plant them by themselves to make an ornamental tree.  Hollies have rich dark green leaves and produce red berries in the winter months.



Best known for the fragrant white flowers and glossy green leaves.  The Magnolia tree is a southern staple.  All varieties grow in an oval pyramid shape.


Oaks are deciduous or evergreen.  They have dark green leaves with hardy trunks.  They are slow growing and like well drained soils. 


Pistachio trees are wonderful shade trees with amazing fall colors.  They adapt very well and grow at a medium rate.  Their bright green leaves and light brown bark make them great additions to many landscape projects.


Wax Myrtles

Wax Myrtles are great ornamental, multi trunk trees that make an excellent screen.  In the Spring they produce clusters of grey fruits, which emits a Bayberry candle smell.

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